New Minimum Wage Rates Confirmed for April 2024

As part of the Autumn Statement delivered on Wednesday 22 November 2023, the Government announced that from April 2024:

  1. The National Living Wage will increase by more than one pound to £11.44 (from £10.42) per hour from 1 April 2024. The age threshold will also be lowered to those aged 21 or over (from the current threshold of 23 years old); and
  2. The National Minimum Wage (which applies to all other age groups) will increase as follows:

a. £8.60 per hour (14.8% rise) for those aged 18-20;

b. £6.40 per hour (21.2% rise) for those aged 16-17; and

c. £6.40 per hour (21.2% rise) for apprentices.

Employers will need to ensure they plan for the wage increases (especially in relation to younger workers) and pay their employees at least the relevant rate per hour from April 2024.

Please contact Nicola Tager and Lucy Cinnamond for further advice.