Private Wealth

Whether your wealth derives from a successful career, the sale of a business, or is inherited, we specialise in protecting it through tax and estate planning.

Quality Private Wealth Advice

Our estate planning ensures your wealth is structured as tax-efficiently as possible to ensure that it transfers to beneficiaries in a way that reflects your values. Using a will, trust, company structure or lifetime gifts, we’ll ensure that your wealth ultimately passes to the people and causes you wish to benefit.

We draw upon our deep knowledge of longstanding relationships with our clients and have advised and accompanied many of them on their path to success. Our expertise extends in particular to Music estates where we act as executors managing renowned artists’ posthumous legacies and businesses. We take time to understand what matters to you, not just for today but also for those that follow.

Some of our clients choose to live abroad, particularly in the US. We work with trusted advisors worldwide to advise on local inheritance laws, domicile, and tax planning to ensure compliance and tax efficiency across all jurisdictions.

Discover more about the many aspects of our services:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Succession and tax planning
  • Estate administration (Probate)
  • Estate Management
  • Charitable Giving and Philanthropy
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Elderly and Vulnerable Client Services
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Residence, domicile, and local inheritance laws

Please contact Karl Dembicki on 020 7439 8692 or email to find out how he can help protect your and your family's interests.

Private Wealth Team

Private Wealth Team

Private Wealth Team

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