Crisis Management

Reputations can take years to build but they can often be destroyed very quickly and especially in an era where information and allegations can spread so quickly over the Internet.

Our Crisis Management Services

Russells has a dedicated team comprising Steven Tregear and Dan Hoyle that is both skilled and experienced in handling reputation and crisis management issues for our clients quickly and efficiently.

We place great emphasis upon precise, succinct and comprehensible drafting, together with practical advice grounded on a solid knowledge of the relevant law and our clients’ objectives. Technical excellence in the law is at the core of our reputation.

Our work encompasses high level strategic negotiations for large multi-nationals to practical business advice to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

We believe in flexibility in all things, in long term relationships and above all that the needs, wishes and best interests of our clients are paramount. For each of our clients the fundamentals of our advice remain the same – clear, pragmatic and value driven.

  • Defamation and privacy law;
  • The Protection from Harassment Act 1998;
  • The Data Protection Act 1998;
  • The Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988;
  • The law applying to passing off and the misuse of private information.

Examples of recent work has included:

  • Dealing with intrusive media interest during difficult and also happy moments in our clients’ lives, including through circulating notices to the media on their behalves and via the press regulator, IPSO;
  • Obtaining Court orders to prevent the pursuit and harassment of our clients by sections of the media;
  • Seeking to prevent adverse or private disclosures through negotiation, persuasion and, where necessary, the Courts;
  • Identifying the source of a story and/or photographs and shutting down a potential global crisis swiftly and without attracting attention.

If you find yourself in a situation, or think a situation is developing or might develop, that will impact upon your reputation, your career or your business please contact Steven Tregear and Dan Hoyle for advice and guidance.

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