Gavin Maude

Gavin heads up the Music Department.

Gavin came to work for Russells in 1991 and trained with them qualifying in 1993 into the Commercial Department. His remit thereafter was specifically to attract new and emerging talent to the firm, something they had hitherto not specifically focused on. From a relative standing start Gavin now heads up this department which over the last 30 years has grown with the clients he brought to the firm, some of whom have become multimillion selling stadium artists and household names.

Whilst predominately an artist lawyer, Gavin also represents music industry executives as well as other industry employees in relation to all manner of employment issues as well as producers and mixers, managers and management companies, independent music publishers and record labels as well as a number of film production companies, booking, comedy and modelling agencies and digital start-up companies.  More recently Gavin has been heavily involved with the firm’s corporate department in the sale of client catalogues to investment companies and publishers.

Gavin enjoys leading a team of like-minded lawyers in his department with a love of music and a passion for protecting their clients’ interests.

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” 

– William Shakespeare (Henry VI, part 2, act 2, scene 2)

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