Online Threats

Most of what we all do today has an online element to it. Postings on Facebook and Instagram, tweets and use of Google are every day occurrences. However, information and photographs are now often freely put into the public domain with little thought as to the consequences. Sometimes it is the online dissemination of such material that can inflict the most damage.

To combat these online threats, we regularly deal with:

  • Takedowns of photographs and information from social media sites;
  • Procuring the removal of Google results relying on the “right to be forgotten” laws;
  • The removal of so-called ‘revenge porn’ and other forms of internet harassment;
  • The  Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and the Communications Act 2003 as means of combatting online postings;
  • Domain name and cyber-squatting disputes.


Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Preventing photographs from being published in national newspapers through swift and assertive action in the online sphere;
  • Recovering clients’ Twitter accounts and website domain names which have fallen into the wrong hands;
  • Swiftly ensuring the takedown of private and intimate footage posted online so as to prevent further and more damaging publications;


If you have any online issues that you think we may be able to assist with, please contact Steven Tregear who will be able to assist you.