Privacy & Reputation Management

We understand that many, although carrying on business or pursuing their career in the entertainment and music industries, want their privacy respected or their reputation protected. Our privacy and reputation management team help our clients to meet those objectives by combining practical know-how, legal expertise and tactical thinking.

We provide a discreet and tailored service to our clients who include singers, actors, sports stars, musicians and TV personalities. As well as individuals, we also act for corporations and brands.

Much of the time our work is preventative: we work with our clients to manage the situation and to prevent or control any adverse or intrusive publication. Carefully timed and directed action has swiftly solved a potential problem without viral spread, attendant publicity or recourse to the courts.

The privacy and reputation management team often work closely with colleagues from our family law department to protect high profile clients during divorce proceedings or a relationship breakdown.

Although prevention is usually our clients’ objective, not every issue or publication can be controlled from the outset so using experience gained over many years, we are skilled at guiding our clients through the legal process. Legal proceedings for defamation, breach of confidence, harassment (we have been at the forefront of using the protection from harassment legislation to shield our clients from the unwanted attentions of the paparazzi), misuse of private information, invasion of privacy and ever more frequently data protection breach are carefully constructed to protect and defend our clients when their privacy or reputation is under attack or has been attacked.

Legal action for our clients has achieved outstanding results ranging from substantial damages awards to permanent injunctions and court apologies. Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients:

  • Obtaining a front page apology from a national magazine for a client as part of a settlement.
  • Obtaining an injunction to prevent an individual from harassing and blackmailing one of our clients.
  • Securing substantial damages for clients whose privacy / reputation has been infringed / damaged, including a number of very substantial pay outs within the voicemail interception litigation.
  • Successfully preventing threatened newspaper publications of private / confidential matters.
  • Working with statutory press regulatory bodies – such as the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) in order to prevent or challenge reporting of events.
  • Providing day to day media management and advice during personally difficult times for our clients, whether by preventing publication or helping to manage / contain reporting of events.

If you have privacy or reputation management issue, whether it be looming or already in the public domain, please contact either Steven Tregear or John Reid on 020 7439 8692.

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