Digital & Social Media

Our digital and social media group provides advice and assistance to individuals and businesses across the digital media, technology and social media industries. As a leading law firm in the media and entertainment industry we act for many innovative and creative talents, influencers, creators and start-ups, supporting them through the complex legal framework in which these industries operate.

Digital Media & Technology

We represent tech start-ups, content owners, software and gaming companies, developers, platform operators and entrepreneurs in this sector and can expertly advise you on all commercial matters and agreements a business might need guidance on, including:

* App and software development agreements;

* Video game development, publishing and distribution agreements;

* Intellectual property licensing and content clearance;

* SaaS agreements and EULAs;

* Outsourcing agreements, wire frame agreements, master service agreements and SLA’s;

* Website and app terms (including terms of service, privacy policies and competition terms);

* Legal and commercial structuring of content, service and social online platforms;

 *Crypto currency and block chain;

* Brand protection and merchandising;

 * Content creation and exploitation including VR, AR and XR;

 * Intellectual property audits and management;

 * Commercial data sharing, licensing and structuring;

 * Regulatory matters (including GDPR and ecommerce regulations); and

 * Investment agreements and corporate structuring.

Social Media

Our work for creators, influencers, and the brands and agencies that work with them, has created an unrivalled expertise in the field of social media and its commercial exploitation. This is an overlapping but separate area of expertise to our technology-based work, and offers a one-stop shop for individuals and businesses who operate in these industries, including:

• *Brand deals, sponsorship agreements and brand ambassadorships;

 * Management, agency and MCN agreements;

 * Advice on unlawful use of social media (ASA compliance, defamatory posts, blacklisting);

 * Content creation, format licensing and fair use exemptions;

 * Affiliate deals and platform agreements;

 * Corporate and live work;

 * Esports agreements including live events, coverage, distribution, sponsorship and merchandising;

 * VIP apps;

 * Personal brand protection and merchandising;

 * Book publishing; and

 * Signature product deals and similar joint ventures.

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