Providing legal and commercial advice to the entertainment industry is the bedrock of our business. The Commercial team at Russells is renowned for the depth and breadth of its experience and knowledge in the world of entertainment and media.

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of commercial contract negotiation. Our team prides itself on the fact that the legal and business advice given to our clients is practical, efficient and clearly focused on their long term business goals. In every transaction, whatever the role we may play in a negotiation, we firmly believe that we are in a positon to add value.

We place great emphasis upon precise, succinct and comprehensible drafting, together with practical advice grounded on a solid knowledge of the relevant law and our clients’ objectives. Technical excellence in the law is at the core of our reputation.

Our work encompasses high level strategic negotiations for large multi-nationals to practical business advice to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

We believe in flexibility in all things, in long term relationships and above all that the needs, wishes and best interests of our clients are paramount. For each of our clients the fundamentals of our advice remain the same – clear, pragmatic and value driven.

We can offer advice to unsigned and signed artists (including minors), superstar and/or heritage artists, actors, actresses, TV stars, personalities, celebrities and/or iconic figures, sportsmen and women, major and independent record labels and publishing companies, promoters, venues, managers, management companies, agents and agent companies, session musicians,  touring companies, musical directors, tour and production managers, estates or companies whose assets encompass copyrights and/or imagery rights, producers, mixers, remixers,  engineers, recording studios, video directors, video producers, video and filming companies, press, promotions and plugging companies and booking agents, music industry executives, A&R men and other industry employees, industry entrepreneurs, merchandise companies and ticketing companies.

Please contact Gavin Maude on 020 7439 8692 or email him at to find out how we can help you to meet your commercial contract objectives.