Brand Protection

We advise a wide range of businesses and creatives on how to establish legal rights in their brand names, logos and other elements of their brand identity. This includes advice on registered trade marks as well as practical steps to support wider passing off or unfair competition actions. We will always take a commercial and strategic approach, carefully considering the client’s commercial position and market and territorial ambitions.

We have helped many clients to register legal rights in brands, giving them the security that comes with holding the right to take action against competitors that might cause confusion or diminish brand reputation or distinctiveness. For many of our clients the primary concern is to make sure that proposed brand identities are available, thereby avoiding the risk of costs and lost opportunities due to enforced brand changes further down the line. Others are aware that having registered trade marks in place can be an important factor in the eventual value and saleability of a business. In all cases it is advisable to act proactively and get protections in place as early as possible in the life of the business.

We can also assist with the enforcement of rights should issues arise with a competitor using a similar mark, domain name, or otherwise unfairly making a link between products and brands. We can help with matters ranging from trade mark opposition proceedings and domain name objections to full infringement court proceedings.