Sebastian Davey

Sebastian graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1992 with an MA Joint Hons in French and European History. He ran his own record label in South London, studying law part-time and qualified in 2006. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in UK, EC and US Copyright Law from King’s College London. He joined the firm’s Commercial Department in July 2014.

Sebastian has extensive working knowledge of all types of music and copyright related agreements. He takes a special interest in publishing and the production and exploitation of intellectual property rights including brand partnerships, merchandising and sponsorship, and the marketing and exploitation of digital content. He also advises on contractual aspects of the development, production, and recording of live shows and events, television programmes, feature films, documentaries, and soundtracks.

Sebastian’s clients in this field include publishers, record labels, managers, agents, promoters, distributors, music supervisors, marketing and PR companies, film and television directors and producers and users of digital content. He also advises musicians, singers, record producers, composers, comedians, magicians, lighting and stage designers, sculptors, painters, graphic designers, photographers, animators and authors.

Sebastian also offers guidance and strategic advice in a wide range of commercial areas including shareholder agreements, joint ventures, service and consultancy agreements, acquisitions, disposals and investments.

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.”

– Alfred Montapert

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