Good Divorce Week

Russells is proud to support Resolution’s annual campaign ‘Good Divorce Week’. Resolution is a body of 6,500 family lawyers and professional which promotes a non-confrontational approach to resolving family problems.

This year the campaign focuses on the benefits of getting early legal advice and raising awareness for the new Resolution Code of Practise and the work of its members. Past campaigns have been a key driving force behind changes to UK divorce laws, such as the no-fault divorce bill.

There is no single approach to getting divorced, as every separation varies, but appointing a lawyer who follows the Resolution Code of Practise can assist in minimising any conflict between the parties, which is key in maintaining communication and resolving matters in both a quick and amicable manner. Aggressive litigation can often be counter-productive, and incur unnecessary expense.

Our family lawyers are all members of Resolution and are committed to upholding the other Codes of Practise which emphasises:

  • Encouraging both parties to put the interests of any children first.
  • Carrying out our work with honesty, integrity and objectivity.
  • Guiding our clients through the various, long-term, financial and emotional decisions and their consequences.
  • Continue treating everyone involved without judgement and with the respect needed during such a strenuous period of their lives.

We hope that this campaign will continue to raise awareness generally so that everyone can play a part in promoting the benefits in family solicitors reducing conflict during separation, and putting the best interests of all parties involved to the forefront.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you, please contact the Family and Matrimonial Department for further advice and assistance.

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