Family Mediation Week

As it is Family Mediation Week (18 – 22 January 2021) we at Russells want to raise awareness of the benefits of mediation and how it can help couples manage the process of separation and divorce both productively and collaboratively.

The goal of mediation is to encourage couples to reach an amicable agreement that suits both parties, so that they can avoid the costs of going to court, which can be more expensive that many people realise. By being quicker, cheaper and less confrontational, mediation can secure a good outcome for couples and children.

Family mediation is a process in which an independent, professionally trained mediator helps you work out arrangements for finances and arrangements for children, following separation.

Mediation can also be helpful if arrangements which are already in place need to change, such as when your children get older or a change in financial circumstances.

The mediator can work alongside your solicitor to help you find a solution which works for you both and will explain what needs to happen to make an agreement between you legally binding.  Your solicitor can then take steps to formalise the agreement for you.

We work closely with specialist family and children mediators.  If you think mediation is the right choice for you or if you would like any further advice in respect of divorce or child arrangements  please contact Carol Ellinas, Dario Maggiulli, Lucy Hoare or Andrew Miles at Russells.